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Whats D sender

Whats D Sender is a vast marketing software with in-built google map extractor that allows customers to send texts, chat, images, documents, pdf, sheets and videos, etc. The user also benefits with various tools to check and leach mobile numbers in their contacts. Group contacts and group chats Grabber tool extracting all contacts from Whatsapp groups.

This software encompasses anti-blocking tools and reduces the chance to get blocked and texts from unknown members. This software is 100% safe, secure and decisive to make use for your business to spur profits and gains. Whats D sender ensures trustworthy and is proven to be infallible. It secures all the information and documents even while you share with your clients and customers.

G - Extractor

Get Business owners Numbers from google my business

Group Finder

Find the Whatsapp groups from all over the world

Bulk Add Group Members

Add Bulk members to your group via excel, csv, etc

Auto Group Joiner

Join Multi- Whatsapp Group via excel, csv, etc

Grap Group Members

Grap Group Members from your whatsapp group

Send Messages to Group

Send Bulk Messages, Images, Videos to Groups

Auto Respond

Auto Respond to your whatsapp messages

Send Messages to Individual

Send Bulk Messages, Images, Videos to Individual whatsapp Contacts

Number Filter

whatsapp number filtered from given set of numbers

Active Group Members

Grap Active Group Members from selected groups

Chat List

Grap Chat List with number and name from whatsapp

Contact List

Grap Complete whatsapp number from whatsapp account

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