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Social Media Marketing

Searching for the best social media marketing agency in Chennai? We help you out by introducing you to Social Media Marketing!

DLK Tech is a social media marketing service provider in Chennai India that helps you to understand the power and capabilities of the Social Media platforms and to utilize all the available facilities that Social Media provides to benefit your brand

So, our social media service puts the central focus on what is most beneficial for your business. The DLK Tech SMM Company Chennai can help with numerous social media marketing goals.


Social media marketing goals

Connecting brands and people!

Text, images, videos, live videos, Stories, group creations & communications, event promotions, likes, follows, shares, comments, post engagement, boost post, advertise, create chat bots, send newsletters

Strong emphasis on real-time information — things that are happening right now, promote tweets, advertise on tweets, web traffic, Increase followers, likes, shares, views and lead generation

Photo, video, stories, and live videos sharing, carousel, improve your brand reach, drive more conversions

Business channel, subscribers, uploads videos, increase viewers, likes, shares, comments, Youtube SEO, ad videos

Good place to increase B2B audience, share contents, text ads, get more networks, build personal band, grow business page followers, likes, shares & comments and blog posts

The most SEO friendly search social platform that directly reflects on your website and search rankings. Increase likes, shares, comments and communities, As part of our social media services, we provide help and guidance not limited to just the following

We work to develop a topmost social media strategy primarily based for your brand’s advertising targets in order to obtain brief term and long time dreams. We take the maximum suitable method closer to building your brand, whether that’s guiding in-house advertising and marketing groups or shaping social presence from scratch.

We zero in at the right platform i.e. Not simply the top social networking websites, however the best ones appropriate on your brand. We also create and manipulate social media profiles to draw new customers, keep them engaged, encourage consumer generated content and set up customer relationship by way of leveraging -manner conversations.

Social media advertising is an important a part of the social media services at DLK Tech. Social media ads can help improve a brand’s social presence and increase reach multiple times quicker than a logo’s organic reach. A social media advertising campaign, further to concentrated on capacity clients, also generates buzz and drives interest in the product or brand.

We purpose at developing fast, reactive updates that are on-factor, efficiently constitute a brand’s ethos and generate the right type of buzz and spark in addition conversation between your brand and customers.

We purpose at developing fast, reactive updates that are on-factor, efficiently constitute a brand’s ethos and generate the right type of buzz and spark in addition conversation between your brand and customers.

We strongly believe in identifying and tracking every activity that we undertake so that you can make experience of the campaign performance and to in addition forecast customer behavior and feelings.

SMM Services Chennai,India

People love to fall in love, likewise customers expect to stay connected with brands that interact/share and do lot more to increase their post purchase experience. We trust that every brand needs a plan to sweep consumers off their feet. By infiltrating our viewer’s tribes, we learn how to speak their language and behave as they do. We learn how they connect with our clients’ and their competitors’ products. This helps us open unique insights about their culture. We then develop an actionable plan that’s grounded in real life. We layout brand experiences that connect through the most powerful platforms. Forget the small talk, we trust in building relationships! We are brand managers and born marketers who don’t believe in selling a product. We believe in selling a benefit to customers by telling about it! Our slogan is to add value to the brands that we work with and to keep pushing the boundaries until we move that needle. We can happily say that every day since our inception, has been a story that’s been nothing short of exciting and rewarding for the brands we work with, and for each one of us. It’s been a phenomenal journey of orchestrating insight, strategy, super talented, Results- obsessed, creativity & technology – to help brands push the envelope – and connect with people in innovative, ingenious & interesting ways.

Find important data from the activities to understand the effectiveness of each activity, the amount spent, and how to utilize resources better.

Collecting important database for future reference that is to be utilized later, like email database, gender and age data.

Conversation monitoring helps in finding out more about the behaviors of visitors to your website and where the conversion influence can be improved.

Interactive video creation with unique and engaging concept using the latest technology 2D, 3D, Typography, Educative/Instructional Videos, Live action, Animated Videos, Tutorial, Stop motion, Tutorial videos, time-lapse etc.

Taking video marketing to next level and creating a video that appeals to masses with an innovative approach to Video marketing

Getting influencers on board and having brand advocates that have influencing opinions that directly reflect on your brand’s status.

Developing campaigns keeping in mind target audience and business objective and executing it to the best.

It helps in keeping an eye on the social activities and reporting to let you know of the direct benefits and impact of activities happening on your social platforms.