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DLK Technologies is a leading best class of software web design & development concern based in Chennai, India that offers a comprehensive list of services to meet all your web design and development needs. Since 2010, we have created over 500 plus web designs for companies of all sizes and industries worldwide. DLK Tech is the crystal clear services in responsive, clean coding and easy customization successfully with proven SEO services.

Our Services

  • Ecommerce web design

  • Responsive Design.

  • Landing Page Design.

  • Redesign your Website.

  • CMS Based Website Design.

  • Mobile & APP Web Design.

Our team can bring your ideas and dream to live and make it more elegant as much as you need

Our experts highly experienced in this field from past 12+ years in Chennai and satisfied around N number of clients. We deliver the product by using expert and fee cutting technologies. We are on this field given that from 2006. We manual you to expand quick ROI product development. We design your official sites with SEO friendly, desktop & mobile responsive designs and fast loading features. With DLK Tech, we help customers to achieve the goal of a successful website with the 3 simple principal steps.

Plan & Market - We plan to meet customers' requirements; we broaden it in step with the plan. Reduce Website Updating & Management Cost, SEO Ranking improvement, well-organized content, user-friendly site, More Traffic to Leads conversion, conversion funnel mapping, Leads Qualifications, Leads Conversion rate, Increase ROI of other Campaigns

Promotions & sales - We market it at the pinnacle function; we sell it to the proper target audience. Increase results in consumer conversion charge via proposing relevant case research and testimonials, smooth to replace case have a look at and testimonials on websites, a helpful sales team to shorten their sales cycle, engage customer & provide customer support to grow customer lifetime value.

Review & Improve - As a leading web Design Company in Chennai knows review to search for weakest links; we improve it to become finest product. We know that UX is one of the most important factors which help in keeping the audience engaged with the help of innovative content like video, animations, graphics, and user interface which are easy to use. Improve the interaction of the user with the product or service and brand. Finally leads to less bounce rate, more customer engagement on the website and deliver robust message of Brand to customer.

How we delivering world class design solutions - As a dedicated website designing and developing team in India we work on every assignment that starts from objectives, website design desires thinking about scope, time and value.

Strategy Business analysis - Strategy Business analysis, Goal analysis, planning As a best website design company in Chennai, We listen to our clients like listening to our friends and understand their business needs, demands, goals and objectives and design customized digital strategies to accomplish them. We recognize and understand a way to boom customers’ digital presence, attain, scope and revenue. We make clients fall in love with our enterprise, of course digitally!

Discovery Concept creation - Discovery- concept creation, wire framing, information architecture, Creative design Once the concept has been created its blueprint or skeletal framework is ready to make the customer aware of what the end product might appear to be observed by way of statistics structure which balances the customers need with business wishes. The end product at this level might be a creative website design provided through site designing services in Chennai.

Execution & coding development - Execution Coding, Development At this level, website coding is then achieved the use of HTML or PHP leading the development a part of website design.

Website maintainance & support - Launch-Quality Assurance & Testing, Website Launch, Analysis & Optimization After designing and development component, website fine guarantee is looked into via testing, observed by way of website release, evaluation after which its optimization to get the proper effects in the shape of traffic and leads.


  • We provide solutions and free consultation.
  • We provide solutions and free consultation..
  • We do customization based on customer's requirement as we know different company have their own business flow, even if they are from the same industry.
  • We deliver based on your schedule.
  • Multiple solutions available for you to choose. We have solutions from Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design, Ecommerce, and Customized System to Internet Marketing.
  • We do provide very detailed analysis before we kick start any project.
  • We help customer to reduce cost, increase efficiency and stimulate sales through our projects.
  • All website that we build must be SEO friendly.
  • Any website or system bug after the delivery will fixed free of charges.
  • We build Responsive Websites. It can be displayed correctly on various mobile devices.
  • We are a commit and deliver team.
  • We are an open minded and always ready to accept new ideas and suggestions.